The Antenna book of Athens (2022)
Encrypted Poetry Collection: Odes to Antennas in Their Language

21x28 cm

The Antenna book is a work inspired by Athenian rooftop antennas. Generally there are two types of antennas - receiving and transmitting, some combining both types. I was intrigued by the idea of inanimate objects capable of communication, creating an invisible network of signals above one’s head. Being unable to see (hear) beyond their appearance, I tried to create a font, based on their aesthetic features: fine lines, rows and grids, sharp angles and smooth curves. The antenna script is what has come out of this attempt. 
The antenna script takes on the existing antenna shapes and turns them into a coded language. The Antenna book is a collection of photographs, accompanied by encrypted poems addressing antennas themselves.

The great purge plate. (2016)

The plate, designed in memory of the Great Terror — the period of the most massive political repressions in the USSR during 1937-1938.

It’s an aesthetic reference to soviet revolutionary porcelain — a means of agitating new govermental values through tableware.


One of the sketches for the plate design.


The finished plate.

Two identical figures: a shooter, and a grave digger, standing on the same looped surface — a simple metaphor for the mechanism of a repressive machine.